& ————->>> Brian Pumper getting his ass Eaten is one of them things! Brian, Loves getting that Ass, eaten, LOL! But, I’ll be honest with you all, I so wanna eat his Butt, LOL! It’s so Plump & round!

———->>> QUESTION FOR MY LADIES(ONLY) —->>>>  if your Man asked you to eat his ass, Would you?

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  1. Miss-Thang says:

    I CAN’T STAND THIS WHOLE “you don’t do it for him, someone else will” SHIT!!

    FUCK NO, I AM NOT GONNA EAT NO MANZ ASS HOLE!! and i wouldn’t ask him to do it for me neither

    IF MY MAN WHATS HIS ASS EAT HE BETTER GO SOMEPLACE ELSE, and don’t bother coming back to me!!

    no thank you

    though i don’t necessarily think it is “homo” for a man to wanna have his “bussy” eat… but it not for me

  2. Harlembrown says:

    if my man asked me this would be the end of the relationship—- SUSPECT !

  3. Marke says:

    Yea this sexy ass beast aint nothing but an undercover DL…..what straight guy would want this unless he had curious thoughts of getting his ass ate by a white lady…….

  4. eb says:

    You ladies that dont lick the ass and suck the dick just take a look at the comments above. If you dont do it someone else will. Instead of having a negative reaction to it turn it into something good, exciting and different. Get in the shower with him and soap him down and make sure it is clean. I really think he knows how to wash his crack. Now you females on the other hand dont expect him to eat ur cat if you cant get some soap up in that drippin bleeding piece of cod fish. He needs to be in the shower with the Masingail douche with you. Clean each other in the shower and then eat the cat and eat the ass. And you ladies need to suck the dick and eat the ass. For all you men whose bitch dont want to do it, then you contact me. I even like the dick and ass after a sweaty day of work long as you not been farting.

  5. Ladyvixen says:

    Well iam straight and I have done it 2 my man. He knows how 2 CLEAN his ASS properly. No doubt! And he loves it when I do it 2 him. He has that nasty sexual fetish and I love it. He eats my coochie and ass with no problem. Plus he treats me like a queen. So I will do anything for him. We’ve been together for 7 yrs. So it wants it I got him. Ain’t no other bitch going do it for him. Cause whatever he asks for me to do for him sexually I got him. And the same goes for me. Owwwwwwwwww!

  6. nesia9 says:

    Oh yes, my man does it to me all the time and I love love doing it for him. Just thinkin about it gets me wet!! @ Miss_Imfixin_Ma_Wig_Gwarl I feel ya!

  7. Pinky says:

    Naw naw thats nasty and if my man asked me that i would automatically think he gay and ask whos been doin that? I just could never do it

  8. Miss_Imfixin_Ma_Wig_Gwarl says:

    I’m a female and I’ve made my mans toes curl by eating his ass..If it’s my man I have no problem do it..Oh and umm yeah there better be some reciprocity..But my man buries his face in my bush all the time and licks the ass..Ain’t nothing gay about it unless you doing it with the same sex..

  9. MSLADY says:

    Hell Naw, I would leave that ass quick, fast, and in a hurry.

  10. NinaShay says:

    Psh. Nigga ask me to eat his ass imma smile, nodd, and leave the room. Shayy is not down for that ishh. That’s some down low mess Bimbo! SUSPECT BEHAVIOR.

  11. Chuckiee C says:

    nope. i would do anything for him. just not that.

  12. zena says:

    i would not lick a guy ass.if he as money and he say lick is ass i would tell him to right me check and then i go to the bank clear the check.go to him wash that ass real good then i do it.

  13. applebottom says:

    Fuck no!

  14. alexus says:

    first of all MOST dudes barely know how to wipe their ass so why the hell would i dare put my face near it ?

  15. Condom says:

    Yes Pumper get that salad tossed….lmmfao

  16. WTF is pressed says:


  17. sexxyLexi says:

    yess..hunny…i totally agree wit DEE…he would have to do all that for me to eat his ass..

  18. DEE says:


  19. Sackstacks says:

    I don’t see what makes a straight man gay if he wants his ass licked by a woman…

  20. dmaria says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    I can’t do it, but from the look of it someone will

  22. mizzomg says:

    @ jojo u better start 2 luv it 4 da next bytch get him n hell no im not lickin no ass nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. jo jo says:

    No I barely like giving head.

  24. MikeBully says:

    Brian Pumper is sexy as fuck~ =P

  25. Anonymous says:

    And another thing..nice pic but I was wishing she was black for some reason…*shrugs*

  26. Anonymous says:

    ^^^^Mika..check out bimbo video: is my husband dl. And I say NOT Gay. There’s got to be some other indicator other than ass eating. I’d do it. But I’m a nasty one! *anonymous

  27. Mika says:

    Hells 2 da naw!.. but i got a question..i thnk i already kno ur answer.. lol but ima ask anywayz.. Do u thnk a man is automatically gay if he likes his ass eatn??.. or do u thnk its more of a freaky sexual thing n men dont turn him on at all??…

  28. DAle says:

    and he wants 2 b a big bad rapper LOL


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