i’m in Heaven, Right Now! Mi Amor, UNO, DOS, TRES, CINCO, OCHO Papi, Take Me, Take me! SHUT UP BIMBO! ———————->>>>

5 responses »

  1. sexxyLexi says:

    LMAO @ msmindyourbiz…B.scott is a man hun!!..a very beautiful man might i add.

  2. msmindyourbiz says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong…but that is what I imagine B.Scott would look like as a man.

  3. Ladyvixen says:

    Bimbo u funny! It’s UNO dos tres cuatro cinco! Lmfao!

  4. Simply O says:

    He better work!!!

  5. martel203 says:

    Yesss!!!! To the Flo!!!!


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