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  1. Keenon Benn says:

    I would lik some of dat!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Karma's Toy says:

    DICK PRINTS Whooo.! Are A Def. Turn On.!
    #Work Out Trade <3

  3. hydhead713 says:

    who knew lil romeo would grow into this!! and check out the dick print bimbo thats a good one!!!

  4. hydhead713 says:

    lmaoo yes i love looking to but his aint all that he type small….but yess i love a good print!!! theres a damn good print of lil romeo on his myspace page and that shit is amazing!!!!

  5. Ladyvixen says:

    This Is funny to me! Wow !

  6. COCO says:

    oooo he gotta fat head….i like dat

  7. Miss_Imfixinma_wig_Gwarl says:

    Gwarl I love a dick print but ummm this is more of a vienna sausage..Yuck!!

  8. leyley says:

    yesss i luv it…it gets ma mind ready n anxious 4 wats abt 2 cum…n i cn c wtf im workin wit…wonka wonka owww ; )

  9. xbarbiex says:

    thats a mess, how does that turn u on? i understand if its coming down his leg and its thick as fuck but that right there is a mess!

  10. Sugatits says:


  11. hunnone says:

    i LOVE dickprints

  12. eb says:

    Is that Dante you showing? I feel yah on the sunglass tip. I do too. And dont let them start grabbing on themselves. I get all faint.

  13. jonny says:

    yesssss i love dick prints

  14. datjuicybaby says:

    I love em..especially the big ones with a crook…OMG…they do the most damage!!!

  15. martell203 says:

    Me too! It is such a tease/turn on. Thats why i keep sunglasses on so i can look all day!!!


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