NYC P0-P0 is looking for this Ho-H0 –>> Naomi Campbell!  Yes Hunny, Naomi Campbell is wanted for questioning by the NYPD after she slapped & punched her driver earlier today in New York. The driver had a small bruise under his eye from hitting the steering wheel after Ms. Campbell Punched the shit out of him, the police said.As of Tuesday evening, investigators had not yet located Ms. Campbell to question her about the midday incident, which occurred at the intersection of 58th Street and 2nd Avenue, the police said. “There shouldn’t be a rush to judgment,” said a spokesman for Ms. Campbell. “Naomi will cooperate voluntarily, and there is more to the story than meets the eye.”

Oh, Would they Lock this Meatball up already!

4 responses »

  1. NYCGirl says:

    exactly.. i’m tired of this bitch going around beating folk.. she needs to get her ass whooped

  2. Bambi says:

    She only hittin white & asian ppl let her come to bk lols nah but she gonna fuck wit the rite one & they gonna slaughter her ass

  3. Maine says:

    i dont get it why cant u just keep ur hands to urself… its not like ur fightin for your life!!! get it together lady.

  4. Lady Vixen says:

    What will happen is, if Ms. Campbell continues her irrational and vulguar behavior toward people she will assault the wrong person and that will be her last time hitting someone.


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