She Blockd me on Twitter & She won’t talk 2 me over the phone anymore, LOL! And I guess, because of this Post —->>> Click herr 2 C!  Hey Angie,  no disrespect, I support you Mama & I always will.  It’s Deshawn Bimbo! Foxy Brown #1 Fan, Owwww! But hun my Honest opinion, I truly believe ya Baby Father N0ki0 was turned out by Sisqo or some other man! Because, he has really turnd into something out the unusual! And, If he is Gay, you will not be the 1st, nor last woman to have a Gay Baby Father!

Just look at these 2:


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  1. jblxxx says:


  2. Trish says:

    guess the truth hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? ;) you just keep doin your thing! Ha ha!


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