My Bad Kim, I’m such a Meatball. How could I forget that “Keeping up with the Kardashians Show? Even though, I never watched. And Btw, Your Sex Tape with Ray J wasn’t all that! As a Matter of Fact, Kanye  West has something to say about it:



6 responses »

  1. quincy says:

    yall knw he got a big dick rite jst sayin ill ride his dick all night long do u her me jst let me get it one time i beat he will com bck fa more no lie fwm and see wht happen any nigga

  2. gloria mora says:

    i love u kim ,but thats being a bitch and a hoe.

  3. gloria mora says:

    that is sooo disgusting

  4. stephanie says:

    fucken scandoulas nasty bitch

  5. Mizz BimBo says:

    Dat shit was funny ur such a meatball bimbo lmaoooo poor kanye leave dat big ole queen alone lol

  6. gam3rchik says:

    OMG Bimbo..u r soooo stupid!!! LMAO..Kanye had somethin to say now thats HOTT!!


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